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Simplifying Digital Donations

Chrimata was founded by a 36-year pastoral ministry veteran, Lonny Bingle, after listening to the frustrations of his friends and colleagues in ministry. The company was incorporated with Kevin Watson and Phil Clark from Manchester, United Kingdom - two talented and incredibly handsome designers - who also love to make life easier where possible.

Most current digital giving solutions focus on the technical side of digital giving with little understanding of the needs of the local NPO. Chrimata is committed to creating world class digital solutions for receiving donations while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and service. Here’s how we stack up...

Complete Giving Solutions
1. Exorbitant sign-up fees No sign-up fees
2. Lengthy contractual obligations No contractual obligations
3. Monthly fees were exorbitant causing a loss of valuable resources to the local NPO Lower monthly fees to Chrimata of .25%
4. Processing fees hovering around 3% + $.30/transaction (or more with hidden fees) Processing fees are 2.4% + $.22/transaction with low ACH fees.
5. Simple information that Pastors wanted was not available at a glance or easily obtained through common sense reports Information at a glance and common-sense
6. The need for dual input, both into the giving program and second into an accounting program One source for all giving records
7. Functionality on the back end (in the office) was severely lacking Functionality on the back giving customizable solutions to the end user
8. Lack of ability to serve with up-to-date giving records IRS compliant, customizable giving records on demand
9. Most are app based requiring app download for regular users Web-based for easy use on any digital platform without the need to download an app
10. Many solutions use multiple resellers resulting in higher fees Eliminated multiple resellers for lower fees

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